Principles of Design in Graphic Design

Unity and Variety: branding, logo examples.

Branding 1

Branding 2

Branding 3

Scale and Proportion: Pattern Design Stamp design

Scale and Proportion + Repetition and Rhythm: Hotel design

Unity and Variety + Balance + Contrast: Packaging

Scale and Proportion + Repetition and Rhythm : Packaging 2

Repetition and Rhythm + Balance: Illustrative Poster Design

Visual Hierarchy + Repetition/Rhythm: Infographic Design:


  • A logo represents a company’s identity and has the difficult task of making a statement while at the same time providing continuity of brand. What makes an effective and powerful logo?

Lets talk about these logos, which Principles of Design can you identify?

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And this link for trends in 2019 logo design

Pop quiz: Can you identify these Principles of Design in iconic logo designs?

branding evolution


Jaffe Center at FAU Virtual Field Trip

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Check out theJaffe Center at FAU – a magical place where Artist Books live.

See their Artists Book Collection here

When things open back up, Id encourage you to go there in person to see some beautifully designed books, old type presses, broadsides, wood type and inspiration for poster design. This is your graphic design history field trip!