How to Document your Artist Book

Hello students!

Hope your artist book is coming along nicely! Don’t forget to do an email check in with me. Just a reminder that you are working at home this week – images (.jpg or .png) of your project are due uploaded to our Google Drive by Sunday Feb. 7, 8 p.m. We will meet on Blackboard Collaborate at 12:30 pm . on Monday, Feb. 8 for a “live critique” via our Critique Hub.

Images: Total: 3-5 + one short video

  1. One overall of the book – if you made an accordion book, you can photograph it in such a way that we can see the entire book. If you did more of a pamphlet or stab stitch, or anything else, one image of the front/spine of the book is just fine.
  2. (2-4) close-up images of your favorite pages
  3. 1 short (under 1 min) video of your book showcasing how it looks as you turn the pages.
  4. Click on these examples of a short video showcasing an artist book – a video gives us extra information and really highlights the physicality of the book, the object. This can be done simply on your phone- no need for editing, sound, etc – unless you feel into that!

During the live critique I will ask you to show your book and turn the pages so we can see the physicality of the book as an object. You should talk about your concept, the materials you used and how you personally interpreted the project.

Don’t forget I also put a few former student video examples of the project in our class Google Drive.

Can’t wait to see what you produced for this first project!

Monday, Feb. 1 – Work on your Artist Book

Hello wonderful artists!

This week you are working from home on your artist book that showcases the Principles of Design. I hope you are off to a good start, have spent the week gathering your design concept and materials and are ready to start creating! Remember, any and all materials are acceptable – get messy! (Here is a fun mixed media piece I created with the same title)

I also did a separate post on being able to see the Principles of Design in Graphic Design.

Need some inspiration? Go back to the original post, check out Pinterest – or see additional inspiration here:

Carole Penin

Popular Kinetics Artist Book Exhibit

Local Resource: IS Projects

Be sure to send me an “email check in” this week with your concept! If you have an idea but not sure how to bind it, please ask and I will point you in the right direction!

1/25/21: Principles of Design


Image reference and additional reading

Unity and Variety

Repetition and Rhythm

Scale and Proportion





Produce an artist book (hand-bound) of pages illustrating each principles of design on one page or one 2-page spread each.

Your book should have be anywhere from 5×7″ to 8.5×11″. The cover should be designed as well with a thicker sheet of paper.

Using a theme of your choice, produce pages that illustrating each of the principles of design. You may use any/all mediums you would like.. be as messy as possible!


Louise Bourgeoise’s fabric book is a great example of simple Principles of Design

Material ideas: 






photography (printed out)

found objects

Simple Bookbinding resources:

pamphlet stitch: Tutorial on 3 hole and 5 hole pamphlet stitch

stab stitch

accordion book

Be inspired! Excellent student examples from previous Design Fundamentals classes:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Video examples of student work can be seen on the Google Drive titled “Artist Book Videos”

I will post on how to document next week, but you will take high quality photographs to document your pages of the book, as well as a short video. All documentation will be uploaded to the Google Drive and posted to Critique Hub for crit.

CALENDAR: Monday, Feb. 1 – NO class but email me a check in with how your book is going/ if you have any questions.

Monday, Feb. 8 – 12:30 Blackboard Collaborate Live Critique on Artist Book.

Upload photos and short video to the Google Drive by Sunday, Feb. 7 at 8 p.m.

HOMEWORK: Mark Making: The Value of Value

This project accomplishes the following Course Learning Outcomes:

  •  Demonstrate technical skill to produce a multi-step value scale and a balanced multi-step color wheel in paint, pencil, or digital.
  • Demonstrate technical skill to produce a variety of tactile and visual textures in various mediums including digital.
  • Demonstrate technical skill to produce clean transitions of color in pencil, charcoal, ink and paint, and digital design.

 Value Scale Exercises: 

  1. With a pen or pencil, produce a value scale using: hatching, crosshatching, stipling/ scribbling and blending.

2. With a piece of charcoal or pastel, produce a value scale using: hatching, crosshatching, stipling/scribbling and smudging.


3. Experiment with other, patterned lines that help you explore line, shape, texture and value. 10 different experimented small squares.

DUE DATE – 3 .jpg / .png files (one value scale in b/w, one value scale in color and one set of 10 experiments) and submitted to Google Drive: Monday, Jan 18 by 8 a.m.

Monday, Jan. 11: Welcome Virtual SPRING 2021!

Hello students! I’m excited to explore the Principles of Design and Visual Elements through the use of hands-on art projects and Photoshop and Illustrator.

I will meet you on Blackboard Collaborate on the first day of class – Monday, January 11 at 12:30 p.m. –  to go over our plan of action. 

Please click here for our syllabus and always refer to this blog for our assignments, video tutorial requirements and due dates.

Things to go over today:

  1. Syllabus
  2. Schedule (see below)
  3. Introductions + special interests + access to Creative Suite?
  4. Adobe Tutorials
  5. Homework: Explore and Value Scale Assignment

This is our tentative schedule – but again, absolute deadlines + assignments are always going to be posted here. So check back regularly for updates.

WEEK ONE: Syllabus, introductions, value scale experiments, homework.

WEEK 2, 3, 4: Principles of Design + Design Project 1Principles of Design studio project: Artist Book. Unity and Variety, Repetition and Rhythm, Scale and Proportion,  Emphasis, Balance, Contrast

WEEK 5, 6: Visual Elements + Design Project 2: Word Play studio project: Line, Shape, Color, Form, Texture, Space, Pattern, Composition

WEEK 7, 8: Color Theory + Research Artist: Complimentary, Analogous, Color Psychology, etc.

WEEK 9, 10, 11: Design Project 3: Juxtaposition Collage: Photoshop – digital collage

WEEK  12, 13, 14: Design Project 5: Self Portraiture through Typography:  Illustrator – digital