Visual Elements + Word Play assignment

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Visual Elements: with fine artist reference

LINE: Jackson Pollock, Bridget Riley

SHAPE: Henri Matisse, Alexander Calder

COLOR: Pablo Picasso

MASS: Fernando Botero, Alberto Giacometti

TEXTURE: Vincent Van Gogh, Anselm Kiefer, Chuck Close, Jan Van Eyck, NEW BASICS textbook: pages 18-20

Loving Vincent: the first feature length painted movie!

Book reference: Alphabet: A Miscellany of Letters; A Catalog of Type by Mike Perry;  

Over and Over: Patterns by Mike Perry.


NEW BASICS textbook: pages 18-20

Clever 3D typography

Word play assignment: On separate pieces of paper, explore the Visual Elements through typography. 

  • Choose one a descriptive word for each Visual Element. (5 TOTAL)
    • Each student choosing their own descriptive word for each individual visual element prevents all of you from creating a similar drawing of “line.” So choose a descriptive word for “line” instead – curvy, straight, ragged, jagged, etc. This gets you to brainstorm synonyms and also means we can potentially have each one of you choose a different word. 
  • Create a small (6″ x 6″ – 8x 10″) experiment illustrating your concept through colored pencils, pen, pastels, paint.

Some examples: 

           Line: curvy, straight, ragged, jagged,

          Shapes: round, flat, organic, bulbous, slick,

          Color: bright, bold, clean, pastel, or you could go with super descriptive color words like burgundy, maroon, jade, cerulean. I just read the fantastic book The Secret Lives of Color and was really impressed with the amount of color words that we regularly forget. 

          Mass: considerable, huge, large, substantial

          Texture: abrasive, angular, bouncy, bulky, feathery, hatched, icy, layered, piercing, pulpy, ragged, razor sharp, rough, sandy, sleek, swollen, transparent, wavy


PROJECT DUE uploaded to Google Drive, Feb. 28. by 8 p.m.

NEW Participation Requirement is VIRTUAL CRITIQUE : Monday, March 1 Make 1 positive comment and 1 constructive feedback comment on each student work on Critique Hub before we meet at 12:30 p.m. on Monday March 1.

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